Playlist Number 20

Today is the magic Day. The first 5 people who comment on this playlist are allowed to either write something here on our Blog, post a picture or more if they like to, or wish for a certain question or topic you would like us to write about.  So just comment and if you are... Continue Reading →

Playlist Number 19

One more week to go. I will give you a hint it has something to do with wishes. But be sure to look at our next playlist so you can find out what that special is.   Hurt Somebody- Noah Kahan ft. Julia Michaels Leave A light on- Tom Walker Nobody- A Little Nothing You... Continue Reading →


Some of you might like gambling, poker, roulete, and other card games or games where you have to bet something, sometimes even your own life. And some of you may be addicted to gambling, you like the adrenaline and the rush that leaving everything to a brink of luck, in the hands of fate. What... Continue Reading →

Playlist Number 18

The Harder the Ground- Glode Don't want to Go Now- EndLessSecond Schnee von gestern- MATU Narben Akustik- GLORIA Scared- Eveline Fool Me Once- Little Rose REmix- Y'Akoto, Little Rose Deep Water- Adam Wendler Island- bvd kult ft. Will Heggadon In Gedanken- Batomae Worry- MaJLo Keine Zeit mehr verliern- Dreierpropeller Roamer- VARLEY Dusk Till Dawn- Ben... Continue Reading →


If your life gets the worst of you what would you like to do? Leave the place you live and go on a Roadtrip. What stops you from leaving? Money, you don't have enough money. But what if your alcoholic Grandma has more than enough money for you two to make that roadtrip? You just... Continue Reading →

Playlist Number 17

Guns- Nugat Why We're Breathing- Maddy Dullum Free Fall- Celine Cairo Find me Well- Kafka Tamura The Bullet- Lions Head Run- Matthew Mole Pustenblumenfeld- Mine On Her Radar- Gregor McEwan Oh Boy- Avec Wenn du lachst Akustik- Kuult In deinen Augen- Elif Tänzerin in der Nacht- Martin Rott ft Rebecca Raven Geträumt von dir- T-Zon... Continue Reading →


A movie I wanted to watch for a really long time and finally did. Am I pleased? Yes I am. Is it a good movie? It is really good. Wanted. I first watched Kingsman and I must say it reminded me a lot of Kingsman, but that does not make the movie worse. Our protagonist... Continue Reading →

Don’t Panic!

I will post something personal again today, something that I recently lived myself. A Panic Attack.   I am not really a steady person, I fight really hard every day but sometimes I can't contain myself. That is not good and I know it. I need to change but that is not for now.  ... Continue Reading →

Playlist Number 16

We try to vary our Genres but I don't listen to everything so I would be happy if you could send me a few suggestion of what you like to hear and make a playlist with your suggestions.   My Love- Until the ribbon breaks Beam- Petit Biscuit Ashes- Grace Carter I'm not the only... Continue Reading →

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